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Hot lunch usually starts the second week of school. Watch for announcements for the exact date. Students need to bring their own lunches during that time.


Due to the limited time and numbers of microwaves, we ask that items not be sent needing cooked. Upper grade classes do have special privileges to use microwaves.


Hot lunch tickets can be purchased in the office. The cost for a 10 meal ticket is $40.00. The home room teacher will keep the purchased tickets in her classroom. The students will then let her know each day if they are eating hot lunch. The tickets will be punched only for those days. There will be no hot lunch available for those who have not paid ahead of time or who have forgotten their lunch.


If a meal ticket has not been purchased, a hot lunch meal can be ordered before classes begin for $5.00. Purchasing hot lunch is encouraged. Menu items have been chosen that most children like to eat with protein and vegetable options. The plan is to change up the menu during the school with different options. A variety of juice (some 100% juice) and water is available with each meal. Any proceeds from the hot lunch program is used as fund raisers for the upper classes and the Bel Canto touring choir. Thank you for supporting your school.