Our Approach

Learning, Loving, and Living for Jesus is an often used phrase that John L. Coble Elementary School strives to integrate throughout our curriculum.  Not only do we want to learn to be like Him in our relationships, but we want to explore and understand the incredible world He has provided for us.  

This means that we strive to create an innovative environment enriched through collaboration, extended through high level curriculum standards, supplemented with active experiences, and led by outstanding instructional strategies.  We ask our students to utilize resilience to push themselves to accomplish learning they didn't think possible - inspiring others to draw closer to Jesus, too.  

We believe a strong spiritual, social, and mental foundation is carefully crafted through attention to the individual student, with meaningful student-teacher relationships that foster an inclusive, nurturing learning community.  Our faculty and staff model and mentor students in a balanced approach to learning that encourages risks, while providing support to ensure growth.  

The Adventist Christian culture at Coble Elementary is fostered by our faculty, and is central to our educational success.  Teachers are encouraged to utilizes varying curriculum supplements and a variety of pedagogical styles that enable them to meet the specific needs of the individual learner.  Our students graduate with not only academic excellence, but an ability to apply their spiritually foundational experiences to build better relationships with those around them.


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Fast Facts:

100% of Faculty are followers of Jesus and active members in local Seventh-day Adventist Churches

100% of Faculty are certified 

1:1 Connected Learning Device Program for students in all grades