John L. Coble Elementary School

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GCC Pathfinder Camporee - Apr 24, Thu
Rachael W: Happy Birthday - Apr 25, Fri
Stephanie D: Happy Birthday - Apr 26, Sat
Dibels Assessment - Apr 28, Mon
Bel Canto Gatlinburg trip - May 1, Thu - Details will be sent home with the members of Bel Canto.
Assembly: Family Groups - May 2, Fri 8:00 AM



     September 2013 Students of the Month

Grade 5: Angelina N

            Angelina loves being 11 years-old and attending Coble. CES has been home for 4 ½ years. The colors of the rainbow brighten any day for Angelina. Her favorite school subjects are math, science and social studies. When asked her favorite animal, she quickly spoke of panda bears. Her favorite Bible person is David. The favorite story in the Bible is that of Jesus life. Mrs. Miller, Angelina’s teacher shares, “Angelina quietly puts others first, is an excellent scholar, and is a good sport. She reflects Jesus in her daily life.” Congratulations, Angelina, on being the September 5th Grade Student of the Month!

Grade 6: Stephanie D

            An eternal happy 11 year-old, Stephanie is enjoying studying at Coble for 3 ½ years. With her happy personality, it is no wonder happy yellow is her favorite color. Stephanie enjoys eating beans and studying social studies. She would struggle to have one favorite animal as she would enjoy at least one of each! Jesus is her favorite person in the Bible and her favorite Bible story that of the good Samaritan. Stephanie finds comfort in her favorite Bible text which is found in Philippians 4:13 and says, “I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength.” We are extremely proud of you, Stephanie, for being named September 6th Grade Student of the month.”

Grade 7: Disney Smith

            Disney is an energetic and studious 7th grader is attending Coble for year 3 ½. At the age of 12, Disney loves P.E., unicorns and hamsters. Her favorite color is blue which fits perfectly with her favorite food of blueberries and pizza. (Is there such a thing as blueberry pizza?) Bible times Esther is a perfect role model for Disney as she is Disney’s favorite person in the Bible. Her favorite Bible story is that of Jesus calming the storm. Her favorite Bible text is Romans 8:32 which reminds us, “If God loved us so much that He did not spare His own Son, but let Him suffer for us all, wouldn’t He willingly do anything else to help us?” Mrs. Claus, Disney’s teacher states that, “Disney is a great student who is always willing to help others with whatever may be needed. From first thing in the morning until she goes home in the afternoon, our 7th grade is blessed to have Disney with us.”  Congratulations, Disney, on being September 7th Grade Student of the Month!

Grade 8: Lismary R

            What does one say about a young lady who has boundless energy and an ever ready supply of smiles? Lismary loves being 13 years-old and attending Coble for the past eight years. With her favorite color of yellow, it is no wonder her favorite animal is the dog, with the always happy Yorkie her preferred brand. Science tops the list of Lismary’s favorite subjects and maybe one day she will reinvent her favorite food – French fries. Lismary lists Jeremiah 29:11 as her favorite Bible text, which states, “I already know the plans I have for you. I will help you, not hurt you. I will give you a future and a hope”. 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Brady, says, “Lismary always goes the extra mile in her school work and does her best. She is very organized and always willing to help others. She was recently elected as class president.” Lismary, we are so proud of you being named September 8th Grade Student of the Month!

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2013 - 2014 Hot Lunch Order Form

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Hot Lunch menu:
Monday: Spaghetti, green beans and garlic bread $3.00
Tuesday: Hot dog, tator tots and fruit cup $3.00
Wednesday: Griller with fixings and chips $3.00
Thursday: Haystack $3.00
Friday: Pizza (by the slice) $1.00
Friday: Grade 8 will be selling ice cream $1,00