John L. Coble Elementary School

Calhoun | GA
John L Coble Elementary has a distinguished list of alumni with the majority of our students completing high school and college.

Following, are comments concerning John L Coble Elementary.

Here is what former Coble parent, Valerie Way, has to say concerning CES: "When my kids went there, the thing I liked most was knowing that the teachers loved my kids almost as much as I did. I knew that I could trust each of the staff and not worry about what they were being taught."

2009 Coble graduate, Alex Brady shares, "As an 8-year graduate, one thing that I loved the most about Coble was the friendly environment. As a student, you get to know all the teachers on a personal level and can tell that they really care about the students. There's also a variety of teaching methods in order to accommodate all learning styles".

Grandmother of Eric Claus, 2010 Coble graduate, posted the following comment concerning Coble. "We have nothing but praise for Coble. They certainly did a good job of educating Eric, and he loved the school. We have been impressed with the building itself - the layout, modern equipment, etc. Anytime we have been there, the students were very polite and respectful." (Rose Chesnut)

Lischia Keizer, former Coble parent and Home and School Leader, penned the following.

March 28, 2011
To Whom it May Concern:
 In August 1997, my daughter, Madison, started Kindergarten at Coble Elementary School. At that moment, I didn’t realize how fortunate she was to be starting her academic career in such a spiritual, nurturing environment. As the days passed, she and our family became firmly integrated into the family at Coble. Four years later, my youngest daughter, Molly, also started Kindergarten at Coble. 
As a Coble parent, I always felt that I had a voice and felt welcome to be involved in many ways. I am grateful that my girls attended a school in which I was encouraged to be a part of their experience. Throughout our years at Coble, the events and activities were a priority in our lives and we felt we experienced their elementary years as a family.
My girls experienced exceptional teaching, always felt safe and comfortable, and were shown over and over how much Jesus loves them through the actions of their teachers. They were taught to read, write, do Math, love music, and appreciate art and travel through the various programs at Coble. As they grew, they became part of the school touring choir, Bel Canto, participated in numerous plays, were class officers, and worked on numerous projects that helped them learn in a variety of ways. They were always encouraged by the excellent Coble staff and as a result, thrived, as they grew from small little girls to young ladies. I always felt that they were in their home away from home.
My children have taken the lessons learned with them to academy and college. Madison graduated from Georgia-Cumberland Academy last year as senior class president.  She is now at Southern Adventist University where she continues to use the skills she first learned at Coble. Molly is a freshman at GCA and I’m excited about watching to see where she goes with the excellent foundation she received at Coble.
Our 13 years at Coble ended in May, 2010 when Molly graduated from 8th grade. Our family will always treasure those Coble years. If only every child could experience the exceptional academic, social, and most of all, spiritual environment that Coble offers, the world would be a better place.
Lishcia Keizer

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