John L. Coble Elementary School

Calhoun | GA
Me and My House
Me and My House

     Me and My House, an evangelistic series led by our students, will be presented during February, 2013. Speakers will be students from grades 7 and 8, who working with a mentor, will become experts on a particular Biblical subject. Please see the table below for details. Speakers names will be added once everything has been finalized. 

Day of Week Date Time Location Title Presenter
Thursday 2/7 7:00 PM Coble Jesus and His Word  
Friday 2/8 7:00 PM Coble Jesus is Coming Soon  
Sabbath 2/9 6:00 PM Coble Seeing Jesus Again  
Thursday 2/14 7:00 PM Coble Jesus' Better Way  
Friday 2/15 7:00 PM Coble Time With Jesus  
Sabbath 2/16 11:00 AM Calhoun SDA Church Walking with Jesus  
Sabbath 2/16 6:00 PM Coble Reborn in Jesus  
Wednesday 2/20 7:00 PM Coble Sleeping in Jesus  
Thursday 2/20 7:00 PM Coble Choosing Jesus  
Friday 2/21 7:00 PM Coble What Jesus Did for Us  
Sabbath 2/22 11:00 AM Calhoun SDA Church Good News from Jesus  
Sabbath 2/22 6:00 PM Coble Living with Jesus